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2 week ampuversary!

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Wow, all the people who told us I would feel a lot better after 2 weeks were right! I am getting used to this 3 legged thing and, if I do say so myself, I am the BOSS at doing stairs! I hated that ramp thing mom made me use in the beginning. Now I can go in and out all I want when mom is at work. I do miss not having her here all the time so I make sure to let her know by whining and looking sad.

When she got home today I got my dinner right away and some pills and then, and THEN…..she put on my harness. This can only mean one thing- I am going for a RIDE IN THE TRUCK. I maybe shouldn’t get too excited since the last time I got in the truck she took me to the place where they poke you, but I couldn’t help it. She told me it would be fun and as soon as we drove down this one street, I KNEW. We were going to…..THE DOG PARK!!!

I almost got past her when she opened the door, but she got a grip on my harness fast enough to lift me out like I’m an invalid or something. How embarrassing. It was more embarrassing when I tried to pee on the fence and forgot I can’t lift my back leg without falling over. I pretended nothing happened and went into the side of the park where the little dogs go. There weren’t any big dogs anyway, just Lucy the Basset Hound and Gus the yappy dachshund. Still, it was great to smell all my friends smells on the grass again. A yellow lab came and went into the big dog side and was chasing a tennis ball. I made some appropriate sounds to let mom know I wanted to go see her and she let me. I don’t chase balls EVER, but I did want to sniff her butt since Lucy and Gus are too short and really hate it when I try. I watched her chase her ball over and over (and people wonder why I don’t like retrieving- it looks exhausting!) for a few minutes and mom decided I was done. Mom barely had time to get my harness off before I laid down in the kitchen. I’ve been sleeping ever since. Maybe I’ll get up later and go outside, maybe not. Here’s a picture of me at the park.       park. I think I look good in my blue t-shirt and red harness!

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