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Bad start- GREAT ending- Day 11

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Ok, so I know mom wanted me to sleep all night because she had to go to “work”, but I was soooo sleepy all day yesterday and didn’t want to get up to go potty. Until later. Again, I can’t tell time, but I CAN tell when mom is unhappy. She says it was 2:45 am. All I know is I  needed to PEE. I got through the dog door before she could catch me. She was all surprised. Like it was hard or something. Not sure why, I’ve been using that door for a long time! I did wait at the top of the stairs for her. I’m still a little scared of going down. When I was done peeing, I realized I was still kinda tired so I just stood there for a minute. Mom thought I was done and sent me back inside. I was hungry so she gave me a bit of kibble and I laid down in the kitchen. I wasn’t done outside, but I waited as long as I could before asking to go out again. Mom, again, was not happy with me. She said it was only a few minutes later. It felt like an eternity to me. She made me go out the front door this time. Something about it being drier on the deck. AGAIN with the wet! I live for the wet! When I was done pooping and got back on the deck I decided it was so nice and cool out I wanted to lay on the “un-wet” deck for a bit. Mom said “fine” and just left me there. S’ok, I like sleeping outside.

In the morning she tried to wake me up. It was way to early so I declined. She gave me the poorly disguised, peanut butter covered pills and tried again later. Nope, still not moving. So, she left me a bowl of water and drove away! I was so mad, I didn’t even lift my head to say goodbye.

Later, Julie came over to check on me. I wagged my tail, but didn’t feel like getting up then either. She came back one more time and told me I was a good boy because she saw my poop in the yard and I had had some water. I still didn’t want to get up though.

It seemed like forever before mom got home. Partly because I went to go pee and got my front paw caught in the sweater I was wearing. I wanted to go see her so bad, but I couldn’t! I whined real loud so she would find me behind the rose bush. She got it all fixed and I ran up the stairs and into the house. I was STARVING. I ate my kibble and asked for some more. I couldn’t stop wagging my tail! Mom thought, since I was so excited, that we should go for a walk before dark. YES!! I showed her how I could go down the steps by myself and felt so good I RAN out into the street to my favorite grassy area. My neighbor Patty and her dog Leo saw us, but I didn’t want to stop and say hi, I was RUNNING! I pooped twice while mom panted like I do. Something about running after me or something. Then, I went to my favorite spot to roll. Last time I tried it, it hurt too bad, but this time it felt GREAT. Mom said I looked so happy-


She even took a MOVIE of me rolling!

I stayed there for awhile. It was so nice to be able to check for squirrels finally. The cat even seemed happy I was happy. I don’t really like her, she’s a pest, but her butt DOES smell delicious 🙂dogcat

So, I was pretty tired after all that running so I laid down for a bit. Mom went back to the house to get poop bags and I kinda panicked. I started walking the other direction looking for the spot I remember she brought the truck to that other night she was mad at me. She found me though and we went back to the house. Now, I really am tired, so I’m gong to rest a bit. Mom told me one of my “kids” is coming over tonight. I haven’t seen her in awhile (she’s someplace called “college”- sounds as bad as “work”) so I have to be ready to show her how well I walk on 3 legs.

My kid Haley is here! I was so excited I woofed and actually GOT UP just like the old days. I was slow, but she hasn’t seen me since before the surgery so I wanted to show her I was okay. I can’t wag my tail as hard as before- it makes me feel like I’m going to fall over- but I gave it a good shot. I got lots of pets and rubs which was good because I’m a little ouchy tonight. I couldn’t help whining a bit when I got up. Mom gave me an extra pill and I slept for the rest of the evening.


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