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Second chemo and a new favorite treat

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I LOVE CAR RIDES! Ok, got that out of my system. I really do though, even if it means I have to go to the funny smelling place where they poke me with things. It’s ok, I know where they keep the treats:). Yeah, speaking of treats, these guys want to see how much I weigh just like my regular vet and I hate it, you know? Because they say “ooooh Fionn, your fat” and stuff like that. I gained 2 lbs since last time :(. Mom already feeds me this dog food for the “less active dog” and only 3 cups a day! A guy can starve on only 3 cups! I swear, I’m just naturally “fluffy”. Mom thinks it’s because I’ve been having more pain lately and I haven’t been doing too much. She’s going to try and find me a rehab place where they can help me get stronger. They will probably tell me I’m fat too.

So, I got the medicine called chemo today. They said I might get sick for a few days, but I didn’t last time so I hope not! I was there for a LONG time today. They were really busy and when they brought me out to the lobby I just kept dragging the vet student to the door. Mom called me and I went and got her and dragged HER to the door. I REALLY needed to pee, but they needed to talk and were IGNORING me. A bunch of people came over to pet me so that was a good distraction. I get more attention with 3 legs than I ever did with 4! I finally got mom to take me outside and thank goodness there’s a nice lawn right out front because I barely made it. I groaned out loud, it was embarrassing, but it made mom feel terrible so there’s some satisfaction in that. It’s a pretty big lawn and there’s a road next to it. Across the road there are some trees. In a tree I saw SQUIRRELS so I HAD to run all the way there and jump up on that tree! I kinda missed with my one front leg and bumped into the tree, but I got it together and put a good scare into those evil squirrels. One of these days I’m gonna get me one of those things and tear it to bits (I think, I’m not really sure what I’d do if I caught one).

Mom promised me a treat she heard about from another cancer dog’s mom who goes to the smelly place too. This place is a drive thru called Dutch Bros coffee they have treats for dogs called “puppaccinos”. It’s a cup FULL OF WHIPPED CREAM and the nice girl put TWO DOG COOKIES in it too! She saw me in the back seat and heard my story and paid for my mom’s smoothie too! She and mom started crying. I needed them to pull it together so I could have my treat! Here’s me enjoying it.

img_3415 img_3411

Mom says we might try this place called In N Out burgers next time. It’s across the street and they sell “puppy patties” for a dollar. Sounds delicious! Beats low cal dog food any day!


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  1. By: otisandtess on November 13, 2016 at 12:57 pm      Reply

    Laughing about your weight loss struggles! I have a new rescue, Gator. He was 125 pounds in September when he was surrendered by his owner to a shelter in Tennessee, and 120 pounds when my vet saw him in October. He is not fluffy, just huge. His ideal weight, according to my vet, is 115 – 119 pounds. On Friday, his weight was 116 at the vet. So, he is at his ideal, but now I have to keep him from losing more. I have no idea what his activity level was before I got him. And what’s truly amazing is that he is not food motivated at all. He will eat it, but just seems to not care. Or maybe that is because he now finds himself eating the healthy, grain free kibble and treats that Otis and Tess got?
    Glad all is going well and you are keeping the squirrels in check.

    • By: rmmom on November 17, 2016 at 12:26 am      Reply

      Wow! Gator is a great name for a dog that big!

  2. By: benny55 on December 7, 2016 at 4:57 am      Reply

    WOOF!! WOOF!! YUM! YUM!! Fionn got a well deserved PUPPACCINO!!! 🙂 Glad those silky humans got their act together so you could get on with drinking your WELL DESERVED Puppaccino!!

    And you are a well muscled dog!! And muscle weighs more than fat!! Everybody knows that except, apparently, your Mom and your Vet! And besides, chasing squirrels builds a lot of muscle!

    Soooo enjoy reading your blogs Fionn! You always put a smile on my face!!

    Lots of hugs!

    Sally and Alumni Happy Hannah and Merry Myrtle and Frankie too!

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