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And so we begin to fill the bucket list…….

Mom here to update on how Fionn is doing. He successfully had his 3rd chemo and medicating him before and after for a few days did the trick. He was perfectly fine this time- no nausea and no lethargy. His stamina improves every day and he’s loving life on three!

As to the “bucket list”, let me  give a bit of back story. In March of 2015 I lost my 3rd golden, Cooper, from soft tissue sarcoma. His diagnosis came before he he had any symptoms and we had 3 months until he passed to spoil him rotten. I decided we should fill his “bucket list”. We took him to play in the snow. Something, oddly, we had never done despite living so close to the Sierra. We did all sorts of other things we thought would be on his list of fun things to do. In that spirit, although I hope to have Fionn around for A LOT longer, I decided he deserved to get his bucket list checked off too! I’ve got some time off before Christmas and my girls are here so it’s the perfect time to take a day trip to………THE BEACH! (Snow time will come after the holiday crowds thing out). I’ll let Fionn tell you all about it.

Mom loaded me in the truck and told me we were going someplace called “the ocean”. Don’t care where we go as long as I get to ride in the truck! We get to this place called Rodeo Beach and it looks like this:

Good thing mom brought the long leash cuz the minute I got out of the truck I was RUNNING! The sand here is harder to run in than the sand at my lake, but oh SO MUCH better for scratching and rolling! Turn your sound down, it was WINDY.

 I’m not sure I like how the water chases you. The lake water stays in the same place! Mom kept me on the leash so I wouldn’t go too deep, but no way was I swimming in THAT. A wave got me all wet right after this picture and the water tastes funny, so no. It was a fun place to run though so I dragged mom all the way to the rocks. She makes funny panting noises when I make her run after me:).

We rested for a bit there (mom seemed to need it).

The smells were really different. I tried eating a few things, but mom kept yelling at me to stop. One of the best parts of the day? I got to spend it with my kids! Here’s one of them

 After we left the beach we stopped to take pictures of San Francisco. I’ve never been there, but they said you usually can’t see it this good. I just liked the attention all the people gave me! Here’s mom and me:

 Then we went for lunch in a place called Sausalito and I met Chris. He’s something called a cousin. He has a job walking dogs. That has to be the BEST job ever! Cuz, you know, DOGS.

They even let me have lunch with them. I got a very fancy hamburger patty on a fancy plate 🙂 And fries and chips and some fish…….

I was super tired which was good because I slept  all the way home. My girls did stop at Starbucks and got me a puppy latte so I got dessert too! Really good day and for sure I want to go back! Wonder what’s next on this thing called a bucket list?




  1. By: benny55 on December 21, 2016 at 12:57 am      Reply

    Oh Fionn!!! You have me grinning ear ro ear over here!!!

    You are soooo loved, but you already know that!!

    I love that your Mom jas already started you on your bucket list! In my opinion, and I’m sure you agree, that’s something we should do with our dogs from the first day they take a space in our hearts!! Because of your sweet predecessor, your Mom is getting a big headstart!!

    I love all the visualizations you painted for us on your great Beach adventure!! It’s a very beautiful place!

    And you got a fine meal AND got a great photo with your Mom in San Francisco…WOW! You are having THE best rime…and that’s what it’s all about!!

    Thanks for the GREAT update AND GREAT pictures!!!

    Lots and lots of love!

    Sally and Alumni Happy Hannah and Merry Myrtle and Frankie too!

  2. By: linda8115 on December 21, 2016 at 7:14 pm      Reply

    Looking good there sweet boy! Sounds like you had one fantastic day there with your pack! Like you I wonder what adventure will come next! Love and hugs to you beautiful Fionn!

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