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Day 12

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So, I decided to sleep outside again and I found a spot in the rocks that was pretty comfortable. Mom checked on me and thought that the rocks looked uncomfortable. She got all freaked out because I was laying on my incision and tried to trick me with cat food to get up, but I was SOOO sleepy and just wanted to be left alone. I stayed there all night, but I did get up in the morning and come inside for breakfast. I felt really good this morning, more like I did before my leg started hurting. Mom says she’s going to give me less pills. I’m ok with that because I don’t have that much pain anymore. Mom left me like she always¬†does in the mornings so I did what I always do, I went out the dog door so I could see her truck and stare at her with my big, sad eyes to make her feel terrible and guilty¬†for leaving me. For some reason, she seemed so happy that I did that. Humans confuse me.

Haley was sleeping and I forgot she was here, so that made up for mom leaving. Haley gets down on the floor and plays with me. She left later on, but I needed to sleep some more. When mom got home, I was sleeping guess where? In the ROCKS. I jumped up (well “jumped” might be exaggerating a bit) and came inside for dinner. My tummy is better and I feel like eating more now. Mom thinks she doesn’t have to put the wet food in it anymore, but I disagree. I just look at her until she does it. Works every time!

After I ate we went to the grassy spot again so I could show off my running to Haley. Here’s a video. I was going pretty good until the cat tried to knock me down. I really don’t like the cat. I did get tired after a bit and needed to lay down. I make sure mom knows when I need to rest- I just sit down.

Mom said she needed to go to sleep early so I slept in her room for awhile. I got up later and went outside to sleep. Mom is still worried I can’t do the stairs without help, so she followed me. I showed her it’s ok, so maybe she will sleep better.

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