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Mom is ridiculously happy- day 10

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Fionn here. Mom says my vacation is over and I need to get busy with this blog instead of sleeping all the time. She also says I can’t go on the couch anymore. But, I LOVE the couch!

I woke up this morning in mom’s room. I like to sleep near her on the floor. It hurt when I got up and I woke mom up with my whining. She seemed really happy for some reason. I’m not sure why my suffering would make her happy- she said it had something to do with the time. 6 am? Apparently I let her sleep all night or something. Not sure why that’s so great, I sleep all the time. I’m still hurt she isn’t feeling properly sorry for me, so, after she got her coat and shoes on to take me out, I just laid back down. She gave me some peanut butter (I think there are pills in it but I don’t care. I love peanut butter) and went back to bed. A few minutes later I got back up because it’s just fun to watch her jump up, find her shoes and coat just to watch me lay back down. Have I got her trained or what? You know, I didn’t ask to wake up with a leg missing so……

I actually went back to sleep for a few hours and so did mom. Those pills make me sleepy so she had to bribe me with food (today she is using turkey meatballs- not as good as chicken, but I guess I ate all of that yesterday) so I would eat my breakfast. Once I wake up I’m always hungry and she’s putting extra yummy wet food in with my usual kibble so that’s nice. It’s making me have trouble pooping though. It’s embarrassing the noises I make when I go!

Once I finished eating I realized I REALLY needed to pee so I took off for the back door. Well, I do this weird hopping thing now (seriously, where did my front leg go?), but I was fast enough mom had to run to stop me from going through the dog door. I’m not sure why, I always used the dog door before, but she seems nervous about it. I whined really loud in protest because I needed to GO OUT. The stairs do scare me a bit. I’m worried I might fall so I’m glad mom is there to help. I peed for a LONG time, but I can hold myself up better now (laying in your own pee is disgusting). Then a pretty good poop. She made me go back inside because it’s “raining”. I’m a golden retriever. Since when is rain a bad thing? I smell GREAT when I’m wet. She insisted so I showed her how fast I can go up the stairs. I got some more peanut butter too :).

I feel like I need to go again, but I got scared of the stairs. Mom made me try to go out the front, but it’s really windy and rainy so I changed my mind and laid down by the door. She gets mad because she can’t close the big door, but I like being able to see outside and breathe the air through the screen so too bad.

A friend came over today. Julie is going to visit me tomorrow too. Mom says she has to go back to work :(. Julie is nice and pets me (she feels suitably sorry for me which I appreciate. Mom can be tough on me). I was too sleepy to get up and show her how well I can walk. Maybe tomorrow.

Today I decided to lay on the bed mom says “is good for me” because it’s got some kind of  foam in it that “remembers”. I have NO idea why that’s good and I have made it clear for a YEAR now that the bed is for chewing on bones, not sleeping. I like the floor, but I’ve been kicked off the nice soft couch so it was worth a try. Took me awhile to find a good spot, I don’t like walking on it because it makes me nervous, but it actually felt pretty good. So good, I slept for a LONG time. Mom kept trying to get me up, but nope. It was getting dark before I woke up enough to realize I needed to GO OUT. She thought I should take a short walk around the house since it wasn’t raining (again, why does that matter?), but I was hungry so I went inside to eat. Now I’m tired and need another nap. I have good dreams when I sleep. I’m chasing all the squirrels that I know are taking over my hangouts. And dreaming of all the bunny poop I used to eat. Maybe I will skip a nap one of these days and check on things.

Mom says she’s going to bed now and “I had better not wake her up”. I have no idea what “work” is, but it sounds dreadful.

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