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Mom just told me it’s been 4 weeks today since that kinda awful day where I went to the really big building with the funny smells, fell asleep and WOKE UP WITHOUT MY RIGHT FRONT LEG. I say “kinda” awful since I have to admit, while it’s weird having 3 legs instead of 4, and super embarrassing when I trip or fall down the stairs (more on that in a minute), I don’t hurt all the time anymore!!!

I do have pains sometimes and I can’t help but yelp. I now it scares mom, but sometimes I feel the pain in my leg even though it isn’t there. And, my back and hips hurt sometimes. Mom says it’s because I have to use them more now and I try to do too much. I am being told to rest for the next few days since I had a busy week playing.

On Monday, I went on that LONG walk (see my page The Longest Walk).

On Tuesday she took me to the dog park. There were lots of dogs there and I really felt like playing this time. Ozzy the border collie was there and I LOVE Ozzy. Mom thinks they dip him in bacon juice or something because I won’t stop sniffing him. He LOVES to run. I usually don’t try to chase him because, well, I’m not a Border Collie. Fat chance I’ll catch him! I did try a bit though and mom says I did too much. I was pretty tired that night and I was sore the next morning. Thank goodness she has these pills that make it better and I can sleep all day.

On Wed. I had to go to the vet :(. They poked me again. I get very excited at the vet-mom calls me a spaz cuz I won’t be still and let her put on my rubber booties. I hate those things! She says I might slip….and I did- right into mom, knocking her over. I landed in her lap so I was fine :). The ladies behind the counter think I’m funny so I’ll see if I can knock one of them over next time! I had to file a complaint with the staff though. The cookie jar was empty! They did go back and fill it, but really, it’s the least they can do to make sure there are cookies when I come in. Lots of cookies. Mom says she doesn’t know the results of the blood test yet, but I feel FANTASTIC so it must be good.

After the vet, we went to the barn. I know I’ve said this before, but I LOVE THE BARN. It was a good day to go because one of the horses had his feet trimmed and they left all the trimmings for me to eat. The horse shoer felt sorry for me and gave me tons of scratches. He told mom he could see why we did the surgery since I am such a nice dog. I thanked him by licking him on the mouth. He didn’t seem to mind. I followed mom all the way to where the horse’s paddock is. She tried to get me not to come, but I took off without her. It’s pretty far. I stopped a few times, but I made it there and back. I did have to lay down while she rode and it was hard getting back into the truck. I yelped a little when she helped me get out of the truck at home, so I got one of those neat pills and slept. The hardest thing is wanting to do all my usual stuff, but then I get tired and stuff aches. Mom massages me and stretches my legs which feels nice.

That bit about falling down the stairs? Yeah, it was embarrassing and mom makes we wear the harness every time I use them now. I’ve been going up and down on my own now for weeks. The front stairs are kinda steep and it was raining and I went too fast and OUT went my front leg! I slid down the stairs on my tummy all the way to the walkway. I got right up, but mom’s FACE. She was sooo scared I hurt myself, but I was peeing on a bush and didn’t care. Then I ran to the grassy area and left her behind.

I’m sure she fells VERY BAD for not having taken more pictures this week. She wanted a picture of me at the vet in my stupid bootie things, but I distracted her by bowling her over and being generally obnoxious until the big vet tech took me away. I will say the booties do give me enough traction to drag that big guy right back out to the waiting room! Here’s some she took tonight. I’m resting with my new duck toy (it makes a duck sound when you squeeze it!). Mom took a close up of what my scar looks like now. It’s almost all covered with fur, but it does itch a bit. She puts vetricin on it and it helps.


Mom says I have to go back to the big building with the funny smells next week for more chemo. At least THAT place knows how to treat a dog right. There are literally cookies EVERYWHERE. They even keep them in their POCKETS. I know because I sat on the doctor last time and found some :).

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  1. By: benny55 on November 5, 2016 at 7:02 pm      Reply

    Oh Fionn , yiu are something else..a d that’s a compliment!! 🙂

    HAPPY ONE MONTH AMPUTATION!! Sooo much to celebrate!!

    Any newbies reading this blog will be so inspired AND they get to see some cute pictures of a very cute pup! 🙂

    Yeah, sounds like to e joy overdoing it sometimes! Your muscles and joints are still adjusting so you can get very sort a d stiff pretty quick. But you feel so good you just want to play full out all the time!!

    Yep, I bet Ozzy eats a lot of bacon…or is bathed in it!

    Would love to see video of you at the park with him

    So glad you get your barn trips in. Yum, yum, hirse hooves! Best treat ever!!

    You are such a loved boy, but you already knownthat! Add all of us to yiur love squad too!


    Sally and Alumni Happy Hannah and Merry Myrtle and Frankie too!

  2. By: rmmom on November 6, 2016 at 2:53 am      Reply

    Thanks Sally! The videos of your kids looking for treats were so funny. I especially like the background music 😉

  3. By: rnbsmama on December 4, 2016 at 10:40 pm      Reply

    Thanks for sharing! I wish I would have found this sooner! We are 5 weeks post amp. 2nd chemo Tuesday. Aren’t Goldens the best? How does Finn do at the dog park? I’ve been taking mine to a local park but not the big dog park. Worried that the others will sense a weakness and be too aggressive. You are a good writer. Excited to read on!

    • By: rmmom on December 5, 2016 at 12:28 am      Reply

      Fionn and I made his blog to help others through this journey. I chose to set up my blog as individual pages so each page could be accessed easily. Unfortunately, that means it does not show up in the new blog posts like the others so you are not alone in not knowing it exists:(. I live in a small gated community with our own dog park so there’s never too many dogs at one time. He was used to the dogs there before (and they are all well behaved with well behaved owners!) and has done fine since surgery. He loves it there and none of the dogs has really even noticed he’s on 3 legs. I keep a close eye out though, mostly to keep him from overdoing it.

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