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Fionn goes to the barn!!!

I keep my horse on a 20 acre ranch and Fionn LOVES to run, sniff, pee, roll in stinky stuff, eat stinky stuff and catch voles. Well, he’s only caught one vole, and he tried to sneak it past me into the truck (I guess saving it for a snack later), but good boy that he is, he dropped it when I yelled “OMG FIONN DROP IT!“Apparently the vole was deep in a mud puddle because Fionn’s entire head was muddy and about halfway up each leg. Of course, retrievers of any ilk love mud puddles so that’s no surprise. Going to the barn is an awesome way for him to run without restriction in a safe environment. We went out both Sat and Sun this past weekend and between trying to pee everywhere that he had missed the last 3 weeks (he didn’t go out the week before surgery due to pain and risk of fracture) and all the attention he got, he was POOPED. A good tired though. He was much less active at the barn on Sunday so I’m glad to see him self regulate. Slept hard when we got home.

He goes into my regular vet tomorrow for a CBC to check for any reaction to the chemo. They haven’t seen him since diagnosis and promised lots of treats.

Here are some pics from the barn 🙂

barn1 barn-3 barn2 nothing like a good roll in the hay, eh?;)

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  1. By: benny55 on October 28, 2016 at 3:15 am      Reply

    YAAAAAAAAAY!! Yoh fixed it!! I can ost a replu!! Now I can tell you hiw much I ADORE Fionn! I LOVE these pictures!

    And trying to sneak that Hole in as his snack for later! OMD! Such a character!

    Will be watching for more updates AND photos of this very handsome boy!!

    You’ve done everyone starting this journey a great service by chronicling all the ups and downs of recovery. You’ve taken a lot of the uncertainty and fear out of the whole process!

    Give that sweet boy a smooch for me!

    Love to all!

    Sally and Alumni Happy Hannah and Merry Myrtle and Frankie too!

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